Sparrow.  /ˈsper.oʊ/  A small Old World oscine songbird.

Grace.  /ˈgrās/  Simple elegance or refinement. To receive divine assistance and guidance. 

Sharanam is available online!

Recorded in India, this fusion project features short Sanskrit mantras in kirtan style or call and response format, suitable for listening or singing along.

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Sparrow Grace Offerings

Concerts, Music Therapy and Soundhealing Sessions, Kirtan, Lectures and Workshops

Kirtan and Sound Bath

Sing, pray and heal through this yoga of sound.  Kirtan is a call and response group singing practice where Sanskrit mantras and uplifting lyrics are placed into melodic chants.  Balance body, move emotions and calm your thoughts.

Singer/Songwriter Events

Performances feature Sparrow’s original tunes blended mixed in with some covers and Sanskrit mantras.  Designed to uplift and reflect on the challenges and beauty of the human journey.  Available both solo and with session musicians at a variety of venues in the Edmonton area.

Music and Sound Therapy

Individual or Small Group

Access sound vibration to restore wholeness to your personal vibration.  This individual or group session involves the use of tuning forks placed on energy points around the body combined with singing bowls and voice. Suitable for all kinds of chronic and acute physical and emotional concerns

Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training

Tiffany Sparrow is a 500 hr RYT and specializes in teaching mantra, chakras, history of yoga, the gunas and the 8 limbs for several YTTs including Trinity Yoga, Himalayan Yoga Valley, Empowered Yoga, and That Yoga Place.  A kirtan experience is also a fantastic way to culminate a training.

My Story

With pure tones and soulful lyrics, Tiffany Sparrow Grace weaves her ambiant folksy-roots style through her performances of original songs, cover tunes and Sanskrit mantras. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Sparrow has performed across Western Canada on multiple occasions and toured with several well-known kirtan artists such as Dave Stringer, Jai Uttal, Karnamrita Dasi and Shimshai.  She is sought out to offer performance-presentations and lectures at conferences and yoga teacher trainings and her music has been featured live on CTV morning.

Tiffany Sparrow is an accredited music therapist (MTA) currently working in hospital settings assisting with pain reduction, emotional support, speech and movement rehabilitation.  She is completing her MA in ethnomusicology, researching the health implications of group chanting and has also taught “An Introduction to Music Therapy” course for four terms at St. Stephen’s College.  Sparrow has taught and studied yoga and mantra since 2004 with teachers such as Yogrishi Vishvketu.

Having traveled extensively, Sparrow brings her experience with global musics for health and wellbeing to her therapeutic work as well as her performances. She is passionate about sharing the impact of intentional sound. Music, infused with awareness and grace, has tremendous power to remind us of who we are.


"Through the push and pull, choices I have made
I still see the light through the darkness of my day
I'm going on from a good place"


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