Music Magic: The Alchemy of Connection

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Music Magic: The Alchemy of Connection

Posted by in Blog | May 25, 2014

The magic that music creates is unmistakable. We all ‘resonate’ with music in some form and there’s no denying how it can affect everything from our mood, memory, body responses to what we buy and even our energy levels. But what is it about music that is so special, that is so moving/healing? Music as a medium for communication works without need for logic, reason or intellect to be understood and is highly ‘felt’ or intuitive. Whether or not you ‘understand’ it intellectually (ie: lyrics, style, theory) music has an effect.

The real magic of music is that it can also help bring on this place of ‘non intellect’, where we connect to our inner self and even to others sharing the musical experience without needing anything else in common other than the music. In this place of connection, there is a sense of resting, heightened awareness and healing/alchemical change is possible. This can happen with peaceful as well as upbeat music and can be measured physiologically (heartbeat, breath rates begin to synchronize). No only that, the healing increases dramatically when we consciously intend to allow this connection/resting to happen. Intention heightens focus which increases the effectiveness of the healing flow of music.

So let the music play. And let yourself go in to it.


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What is Songha Exactly?

Posted by in Blog | May 8, 2014

Some of you have asked me to explain what Songha is.  Here goes….

 I use the word ‘Songha’ to describe musical events in which I offer songs and kirtan (like the events that occur bi-weekly at Noorish Yoga). It is a word that has been created by blending the English word ‘song’ with the sanskrit word ‘sangha’.

The word sangha can be translated to mean “assembly, company or community” and is often utilized within Buddhism, though is not limited to this tradition.  A sangha is a gathering of individuals who are engaged in practices of spiritual awakening, where wisdom and knowledge are shared.

Stemming from this idea, in Songha we gather together as a community to share wisdom of the spirit (like a sangha) and this wisdom is shared mainly through song (music chant and sound).

Find out more about Songha Kirtan here:

Register to attend by clicking here:

Om yum! Bless.

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Gayatri Mantra: Sun Sun Sun Here it Comes

Posted by in Blog | January 31, 2014

When I was in India, my teacher Vishva ji chanted the Gayatri mantra, and other mantras, every morning at puja, which is a beautiful fire purification practice. Vishva encouraged us to chant this particular mantra 108 times at least once every day.

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